Anaam International Holding Company Group is a Saudi Joint Stock Company with Commercial Registration No. 4030035073, issued from Jeddah on 7/9/1402H (Corresponding to 29/6/1982G). The Share Capital of the Company is One hundred and ninety six million Saudi Riyals (SAR 196,000,000) divided into nineteen million six hundred thousand Shares (19,600,000) at a nominal value of ten Saudi Riyals (SAR 10) each paid in full. In 7/11/2011 the General Assembly approved the increase in the Company’s Capital from SAR 109,000,000 to SAR 19,600,000.

The Company's main business includes imports of frozen and dry food products and distribution throughout Saudi Arabia, growing alfalfa, corn, wheat and some fruits and vegetables, management and leasing of cold and dry storage facilities, building, managing and maintenance of commercial centers, building, managing and operating industrial projects in addition to other activities as mentioned in the Article of Association.   

The Company has announced January 2013 plans to launch chicken farming, processing and slaughtering plants for both frozen and chilled chicken, meat processing inside and outside Saudi Arabia in addition to Agriculture investment abroad.

    Anaam Mission
We invest in businesses with high growth and return potential through effective management focusing on adding value to our shareholders, partners, employees and community.
     Anaam Vision
Our vision is to be the most admired listed company in the region, renowned for our investment expertise, execution capabilities and value creation.
     Core Values
Ethics & integrity:
We advance and grow our business ethically, taking no shortcuts that might compromise our integrity. We act according to our stated values and adhere to the highest professional and ethical practices in our interactions with stakeholders and with each other.
We are committed to full transparency and disclosure in all our dealings with our stakeholders. We aim to create a workplace environment that is characterized by direct, open and honest communication.
We honor our commitments to our stakeholders by building a professional work environment for our people to grow and prosper; delivering value to our shareholders; building a win-win relationship with our partners; and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.
We take responsibility and ownership for our actions honoring obligations, expectations and requirements. We admit our mistakes, but we also celebrate our successes.
We strive to be leaders at what we do. This means leading in investment opportunities, innovative ideas, expertise, execution capabilities and value creation.
We strive for excellence in everything we do. We focus on delivering superior risk-adjusted returns, creating value and surpassing all expectations.




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