Anaam International Food Company Ltd. (Saudi Cooling Company earlier) is one of the companies Anaam International Holding Group, based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Nchataha in the import, distribution and sale of food in general and freezers and special contracts and to participate in tenders nutrition. The company has experience of more than thirty years in this area.

The company owns one of the largest and oldest in the Kingdom of refrigerators in the city of Jeddah with a capacity of about (10000) metric tons, and another refrigerator in Riyadh capacity of about (3000) metric tons, a refrigerator and the other in the city of Dammam, a regional branch in the eastern region. The company will be opening a new branch in each of Mecca, Medina and Khamis Mushayt in the third quarter of fiscal year 2010.

The company has a working group is characterized by a high level of expertise and efficiency began from the Procurement Section and customs clearance through the techniques and methods of storage and refrigeration, and the end of operations, marketing and distribution and sales. This team supports a fleet of trucks for more than forty trucks of various sizes to provide the best level of service to its customers.

The company is the principal agent of chickens following the enactment of cold French as it is an agent of mutton the New Zealand company Alliance and distributor of Fletcher Sheepmeats Alastralaip company Alana meat Hindi and other Alsnav such as fish, potatoes, vegetables, fruits and others.





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